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Heather, founder + creative director

Crumb & Kettle, formerly Whisk Until Sweet, is operated by me, Heather Harbord- a marketing gal turned sugar artist. My lifelong love of crafting, baking, and creating has routed me here, and I couldn't be more thankful.  In 2011, I packed my bags for a confectionary arts program in Toronto, returned to Texas, and I've been covered in flour & making art from sugar ever since. 

I'm a firm believer that your cake should taste just as lovely as it looks, so I bake from scratch with high quality, delicious ingredients. The result? Cakes that delight your eyes & your tastebuds. You can read more about my journey here.

After years of baking in my home kitchen, my long time dream of building a retail bakery/commercial kitchen has finally come to fruition, and I'm thrilled to open our doors to you all.  Stop by for a slice of cake and cup of coffee, or come grab a last minute birthday cake! We're bringing you more & more each day, so keep up with us & what we're offering over here.

why Crumb + Kettle?

well, it's a bit of a love story actually.

Andre and I met years ago while living in a rad, historic building in downtown Dallas.  We were 14th floor neighbors, and I was trying this thing in life where I did nice things for strangers so that I would stop fixating on all the hard parts of my own story.  After running into him in the hallway, I spontaneously asked what his favorite cake flavor was, and I promptly left a tiny cake outside his door a few mornings later.  The rest is history....

So, what does this have to do with Crumb & Kettle?  Well, just a few months into dating we began dreaming about what the future might look like.  He was incredibly supportive of my goals from the get go, and we discussed what it would be like to open a shop some day- one that serves killer cake, but also coffee and unique treats.  One that's cozy and easy and lovely.  What would it be called? A quick brainstorming session brought about a name we both loved- Crumb & Kettle.  Because Andre is who he is, he immediately checked to see if the domain was available.  It was.  He bought it.  And here we are years later!  The minute we saw the potential space for the shop, we both knew that dream was becoming a reality. I'm thrilled to join the creative folks at Tyler Station and feel like it's the perfect next step.

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