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Rent our kitchen + space

  • WHEN IS THE SPACE AVAILABLE FOR RENT? All day Sunday, All day Monday, Tuesday-Friday 1:00pm-9:00pm, Saturday 3:00pm-10:00pm (available hours subject to change in June). Rental Rates are $25/hour (4 hour minimum) with a refundable deposit of $250 to be paid before access is granted (see below for more details).  Entry instructions, cleanup/exit instructions, and more details about the space + rental will be given to you after payment is made.  

  • TELL ME MORE ABOUT THE DEPOSIT  This amount protects us in case the space is not left clean & sanitized and we are forced to deep clean more often than anticipated.  We expect the space to be left in the same condition you found it so that someone else can rent it after you without much delay. You only need to submit this deposit once, and if you plan on renting the space more long term, we can keep it on file for you.  


    • Dual convection ovens​

    • Induction stove top (not to be used with grease laden vapors)

    • Holding freezer

    • Large holding refrigerator

    • large 3 compartment sink + drying rack

    • Ice machine

    • Boiling hot water tap

    • 5 full stainless prep tables

    • 2 8qt pro Kitchen Aid Mixers

    • 1 20qt Stand mixer (not to be used for very high speeds)

    • Speed rack with full & half sheet pans

    • Assorted bowls, whisks, spatulas

    • Microwave

    • Vitamix 

    • Dry storage racks for longer rentals

    • Front of house for client meetings or tastings

    • Full bar top for demos or classes (limit to 8 attendees)

    • Restroom on site

    • Access to freight elevator for easy load in/load out


    • Dish soap​

    • Sanitizer

    • Hand soap

    • Handwash towels

    • Cleaning rags 

  • CAN I TOUR THE SPACE FIRST? Sure- we'd prefer it!  Contact us to find a time that works.

  • CAN I HOST A CLASS, DEMO, OR WORKSHOP?  Of course!  This space is ideal for these gatherings.  If you're teaching a hands-on class, please limit to 8 attendees.  

  • WHAT IF I NEED THE SPACE FOR LONGER PERIODS OF TIME OR A TIME WINDOW NOT OFFERED?  We are still an operating bakery + coffee shop throughout the week, so what you see is what's available.  If you'd like to stay later in the day (past 9pm), feel free to reach out and check with us.

  • WHO IS THIS SPACE IDEAL FOR? Anyone looking to launch or grow their food business without the exorbitant up-front costs of building out a commercially licensed kitchen.  The space is designed for a coffee shop + bakery, so it's set up for baking, pastry prep, and large scale mixing.  We do have an induction stovetop & double convection oven, so cooking is also very achievable.  The space is also perfect for demos & workshops, and we have a lovely front of house ideal for meeting clients.

  • WHAT'S THE BUILDING LIKE?  We are located inside of Tyler Station- a historic building in the Elmwood neighborhood of Oak Cliff.  Our neighbors are entrepreneurial and welcoming including, but certainly not limited to: Oak Cliff Brewing Co, Whose Books, WAX space, Place at Tyler, Stash Design, Reycol Barbershop, FTLO Hairstylists, GreenPet, and so much more. 

Interested in learning more? Inquire today

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